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"Seagull Designs did some SEO work for me and within 4 weeks my site was on the front page of Google for various search terms and, more importantly, my business enquires increased dramatically. I seriously don't know how they did it in such a short space of time, but they did and I'm eternally grateful. Seagull are most certainly offer excellent services and delivery every penny I have spent with Seagull dDesigns has been totally worth it!!"

Alexia Elliott

"Being with Seagull Designs greatly improved my business and I wish I went with them when I first started in business. We are now really in the 21st century thanks to Seagull Designs!"

Martin Parnell, owner
All Seasons Tree Services

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Seagull Designs Portfolio - Lincolnshire Travel Club

A Content managed site including databases of holidays, desitnations and coutnries, all internlinked. Categorised themes run through the site giving the impression of a Ski holiday site, a beach holidays site etc. Additionally the site has multiple admins who have multiple subdomains or domain names which display different contact details for each holiday, and even different sets of holidays, desitnations and categories for each subsite . . . but all pulled dynamically from one central database so no duplication of content. Site is dynamically SEO-optimised with goal converstion monitoring.

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